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Improve the productivity, reliability and mobility of your maintenance teams in your operations

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improve the productivity and increase the operational efficiency of your maintenance area

Enhance operational efficiency. Decrease the machines’ downtime and the maintenance response time to notifications in an intuitive and practical way. And the best, working online and offline – when needed.

A solution to boost performance in your maintenance area!

ITSS PM RUN transforms maintenance activities flow. It optimizes the maintenance whole value chain, from planning to results analysis and controls, smoothing information between Operations and the Maintenance, Planning and Control areas.

Fully integrated with SAP platform. It is the perfect solution to simplify your maintenance operation

A maintenance management solution on the palm of your hand

See below some ITSS PM RUN features

Automatic Confirmation

It makes it possible for the maintainer to automatically point the labor time through the application.

Operations Checklist

Displays the activities to be performed at each operation, offering management an execution control report.

Opening of
PM note via

Enables the technician to create a PM note from the running order.

Material Reservation

Enables the creation of a material reserve for PM orders.

Confirmations Display

Displays the activities confirmed by the employee during his routine.

Reservations Display

Displays reservations made for orders in execution.

Opening of single Note or Order

Creation of Notes and Orders in a practical and fast way by the user.


Displays a map of the employee’s location at the time of order confirmation.

Reservations Approval

Allows the manager to approve or refuse the reservation of materials made by the app with the approval authority.

Information synchronization

Information synchronization

Single measurements documents launch

Enables the creation of measurement documents at any time.

Machine Stop Warning Notes

Informs the responsible maintenance team, whenever there is a machine stop or emergency notes.

A broad set of the company's infrastructure information which permits planning, delivering, and controlling maintenance in a friendly, fast, and well-managed way

See below everything that we can resolve:
High volumes of confirmation forms to launch
Automatic launch integrated to SAP


Delays and bureaucracy opening maintenance notes
PM Notes open in real-time


Materials reservation with no stock balance view
Stock material real-time check


Excessive displacements to perform activities
Order filters by functional location


Delayed control of lubricant use
Detailed record of lubricant application


Duplicate notes
Detailed control of all notes and orders for each and any devices

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